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Reports said that website only with text and image is boring and unattractive and many people trend to share their self-made video for entertainment or marketing, therefore, many site add video into their website or supply video-uploading and video-sharing services to get high traffic.

If you are a mac user, you get a number of MP4 files and want to insert them into your own homepage or upload them to video sharing website. MP4 to flash converter mac, a easy and fast way, will let you to convert MP4 to FLV, SWF and HTML page embedded with SWF files so that you can share your MP4 flies on website.

Step1. Launch video to flash converter for mac and add Video
After install Doremisoft video to flash converter for mac and then double click its icon to launch the program. Click the "Add Video", browse the directory and choose videos you want to import, then click "Open".

Step2. Take slide show
Choose two or more MP4 video clips by pressing Shift on the keyboard and then click "Slide" button at the below. Then the newly made slide shows will be shown in the file list window.

Step3. Crop video clips
Choose the source video which is one of newly made slide show, click "Edit" to open the editing window, and drag the dotted lines up and down to crop your video.

Tips: If you choose one video in the newly made slide show, the button Edit, Clip, Merge, Slide and Customize will be invalid.

Step4. Set the output format
Click the "Custom" button and press "Next" button in the custom panel. Check "Generate SWF" to set SWF as your output formats.

Note: Slide show will be viewed in the SWF files, not in FLV file.

Step5. Add Decorate to SWF
Click "Next" button to go to the step3 of customize window, input credits, text, image and url you want to add to SWF file.

Step6.Start MP4 to SWF conversion
Click the "Start" to start the MP4 to flash flv/swf conversion.

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Mac Mp4 To Flash Converter, Convert Mp4 Files To Flv/swf On Mac

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This article was published on 2011/01/21